new ensuite bathroom

New Ensuite Bathroom Recreates the Island Spa Experience

Giraffe Design Build took the elements of an island spa resort and brought it into an Ann Arbor home setting. Discover…

Huron River in Ann Arbor | Building on a floodplain

Building Your Dream Home Near a River

Constructing a new home or building an addition near a body of water in southeast Michigan usually means building on a…

renovating an old home in Ann Arbor

What to Expect Before Renovating an Old Home in Ann Arbor

What should you expect when you renovate an older home in Ann Arbor? Here are a few considerations to keep in mind.

accessory dwellng unit and garage

Accessory Dwelling Units Provide New Opportunities to Ann Arbor Homes

The City of Ann Arbor recently lifted some of the zoning restrictions on accessory dwelling units (ADUs). These changes…