Burns Park Renovation Brief


Lead Architectural Designer: Giraffe Design Build

Consulting Architectural Designer: Mandi Wise

Lead Interior Designer: Mandi Wise

Consulting Interior Designer: Kerry Rodriguez

Lead Carpenter: John Power

Location: Ann Arbor, MI

Completion Date: Summer 2021


As nature lovers and natural entertainers, this young Ann Arbor Burn’s Park family envisioned a kitchen that was effortlessly tied to their private backyard and that could easily host family and friend gatherings. And, because of the home’s traditional colonial architecture, they also wanted the style to reflect the character of the home.

The primary objective was to make it functional enough to cook for large numbers, and cool enough that guests would naturally gravitate to the open kitchen floor plan. The space needed to operate in a way where multiple people could use the space whether it be making food, having an espresso, or just taking in the view of the backyard.

Two large windows and a set of French doors were added along the Northeast walls. A natural white oak island anchors the space and timeless kitchen cabinets in creamy white.  The slate blue floor to ceiling cabinetry in the dining room doubles as a coffee bar and dry bar. 

Everything and everyone has a place here – earning it priority status in this carefully-considered design and renovation.