Ann Arbor ADU Brief Video


Lead Architectural Designer: Giraffe Design Build

Interior Designer: Amy Etz

Lead Carpenter: John Powers

Photographer: Scottie Davidson

Location: Ann Arbor MI

Completion Date: Summer 2021


This Ann Arbor Hills ADU was formally an existing detached garage, and acts as a buffer between the street and the homeowner’s home. We created this new residence with a gracious living area that accommodates extended family visits and serves as additional work-from-home space. The open floor plan was designed for comfort and efficiency. Thoughtful use of materials, an existing skylight, polished concrete floors, and the addition of floor to ceiling windows creates a bright, warm atmosphere in a small footprint of only 600 sq ft. Open shelving, along with a built-in niche offers guests everything they need with easy accessibility.

In addition to the inviting interior, this home is crowned with a living roof that is covered in perennials, annuals and vegetable gardens during warm seasons. The green roof reduces rain water run-off, insulates the living space below from summer heat, and provides a charming patio with a view.