Ten years ago, when Joel and Patricia were looking for a home for their growing family they fell in love with a 1970’s Tudor style home and saw so much potential for what it could become. The existing floor plan felt dated and segmented; several rooms without continuity, and an outdated kitchen. For this house to feel like home it needed to be more open and flowing, but they wanted to keep the traditional feel. The new design had to marry the traditional with the updated functionality.

This was a dream come true for Joel who had long thought about designing a home. Both he and Patricia are trained in the principles of design, each with a Master’s degree in Fine Arts. Equipped with his design skills and a clear vision, along with a bit of DIY remodeling experience, Joel was ready to take on the designing of their kitchen as his personal project. He had never worked with a builder before, but knew he would need professionals for a job of this scope. After interviewing a few construction companies he chose Giraffe Design Build when the team was willing to work with him in a collaborative effort on the project.

The challenge ahead was exciting for Joel. While it may not have been a big stretch for him to redesign the space as he envisioned, he needed to be a quick study on architectural designing. Pouring over websites and articles, learning building and code standards, and searching for the perfect materials, Joel worked out exactly what he wanted. Working together with the Giraffe design team, they settled on a final design.

“Seeing my design come to life” was by far the most exciting part of the process for Joel. When they removed three walls it started to become visually exciting. After demolition, the reconstruction started, and Joel said “seeing the kitchen come together” was the highlight. The transformation of this house to their home was coming to life, and it was lovely. The cherry wood cabinets and the granite counter tops are contemporary but not modern. The walnut floors are traditional and add so much warmth.

They loved the completed space and moved in 10 years ago. Joel and Patricia, along with their children and large dog, are still enjoying the space. They still love it, and Joel says “the design is still great, it is really standing the test of time.”

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