Now offering Giraffe Interior Design.

We have expanded our services! Giraffe's talented and experienced Interior Design team is scheduling hourly consultations for your next project.

Steeped in Giraffe’s tradition of inspired design, our interior designers will be your guide to freshen a room, reinvent the interior of your home, or design the interior for a new home build. We’ll pair your lifestyle and your aesthetic, to realize your vision of the perfect living space.

Our collaborative process of clear and consistent communication allows us to successfully work with you at your home or by video conference. We’re ready to delight you with unparalleled customer service and inspired design.

"Anyone can design something jaw-dropping with infinite money and thousands of square feet, but it takes a great designer to embrace the reality of limited resources - and push against it to expand the limits of creativity."

~ Courtney Mandryk and Stephen Warrington

Meet the Giraffe Interior Design team

Mandi Wise, Lead Designer

University of Michigan, College of Architecture

Mandi is our Senior Interior Designer, and she makes everything happen. She is either on site working with our lead carpenters and sub contractors, or meeting with clients, fully engaging in all aspects of the design process. Mandi’s passion is beautifully designed and well-executed spaces. She is a true minimalist.

Sarahjane Velick, Project Manager

University of Michigan, General Studies

Sarahjane comes from a family of artists and has a deep appreciation for how our surroundings affect us. Passionate about organizational systems and communication she is driven to help create a culture of equanimity and provide space and resources for others to shine!

Amy Etz, Designer

Eastern Michigan University, College of Technology - Interior Design

Amy is a hands-on, out in the field, connection between our design clients and the trades people. Building relationships and attention to detail are her sweet spots. With years of experience, one of her favorite endeavors is designing tile and pattern.

Ashley Kipfmiller, Junior Designer

Eastern Michigan University, College of Technology - Interior Design
Ashley combines the technical aspects with the projects’ aesthetic to produce detailed design drawings and renders. While she is at the beginning of her career, Ashley has a keen eye for incorporating color into space.

Kerry Rodriguez, Junior Designer

Paris American Academy of Interior and Fashion Design

While studying in Europe, Kerry honed her passion for neoclassical design, blending the 18th century aesthetic with modern style. Enjoying the bold “out-of -the-box” designs of Kelly Wearstler, Kerry is inspired by an array of design aesthetics. At Giraffe, Kerry most enjoys connecting with clients to design the best solutions.

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