Inspired design for your sense of home.

Giraffe Design Build's unique calling card is the intersection of inspired design and excellent craftsmanship.

Led by Martin Clarke, owner, designer, craftsman, artist, builder and photographer. Giraffe Design Build is a client-centric, design driven company motivated by the built environment and its profound effect on people’s lives. Together with our clients, our collaborative group of designers and crafts people, transform existing spaces into healthy, joyful sanctuaries. For decades the Giraffe team has designed and built new homes and renovated existing homes in the Ann Arbor area.

Giraffe strives to create works of beauty to go beyond function. Our mission starts with design. An inspired design which becomes more than the sum of its parts. An inspired design which synthesizes space, flow, style, project goals melding them together to bring form to function.

"Renovate: to restore life. There is a lot of joy in this group of people, designers and carpenters all. As much as we dreaded our house covered in dust and plastic, we found that we enjoyed having the design-build team in our home. They respect each other and they love what they do. Their work ethic, energy, banter, and philosophies were inspiring."

~ Courtney Mandryk and Stephen Warrington, delighted clients.

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